10 Travel Bloggers Share Their Money Saving Tips for Travel

Getting ready for your next trip and trying to save like crazy? Or need to get into more of a money saving routine so you can maximise your trips in the future? Keep readin' for 10 money saving tips for travel from travel bloggers.

1) Recycle Plastic Bottles - Mri from Lifelong Vagabonds

What do you do with your empty plastic bottles in Scandinavia?  If your answer is chucking them into one of the rubbish bins then you’re also chucking away actual money.  I discovered this unique way to save for my travels when I was waiting in Copenhagen’s airport and noticed some men with bags of bottles heading across the street.  Curious, I asked what they were doing and lo and behold, it turns out you can get CASH for recycling bottles into the machines at select supermarkets all across Scandinavia! So in the remaining fifteen minutes before my flight I collected enough to pay for lunch.

2) Save by 50s - Kate from Lakwatsa Ni Katong

I made an agreement to myself every time I book a trip, I have to save by 50's and the rule is : Do not spend all Php50 ($1) in my wallet. It's funny how I skip this precious bill in my hand for a trip. From restaurant, convenience stores, malls and public transport, I keep it. I know it's weird but every time I was handed a Php50 bill I don't see money but my next destination. You can do something like this too! You can do it by 20's or 100's. This is my favourite of many money saving tips for travel.

3) Invest in a Water Bottle - Sharon from Me Want Travel

When traveling to different European countries, many restaurants will not serve water for free. Rather than buy water bottles everywhere you go, purchase a LifeStraw water bottle which can take up to 1,000 liters of water! And if you're a long term traveller, I suggest taking less flights and staying in one continent as much as possible until you're ready to make your move. But if you're looking for flights, check out Google Flights to get the best deals!

4) Save your coins! - Megan from Half This World Away

One of my favourite money saving tips for travel is to have a money bank which you cannot open and at the end of every week put all coins from your purse into it. Everything. I did this when I lived in New Zealand, so all my $1 and $2 coins went straight into this jar every single week and after about 6 months I had over $300 saved without even noticing!

5) Housesitting - Lisa from The Little Adventurer

One of my best money saving tips for travel is to housesit. I’ve been housesitting for the past five months instead of renting and look after pets, collect mail and put out bins. By housesitting, I don't pay rent or internet and electricity bills and have saved thousands of dollars. I also rarely need to pay for things like cleaning products or toilet paper. Another key way I save money is by moving from a mobile plan to prepaid and using free wi-fi where I can in public places, and exercising outdoors by running or hiking or using exercise equipment in parks instead of having a gym membership.

6) Get Your Priorities Straight - Madison from Girl In Love With The World

A large part of affording to travel often is prioritising travel over other small luxuries. That extra cappuccino, the pretty sundress, or the music streaming membership are personally not worth the price they add up to. I save money by going to the library, using free music streaming, making coffee at home, and only eating out when I have a coupon. The other way that I save up to travel is by selling old clothes and possessions. I’m trying to become more minimalist in my lifestyle—this is actually a result of traveling, as some of my happiest times were when I only had a week of outfits and very few physical things. I figured out that I could sell many of the items and I don’t truly need and use the money on experiences.

7) Turn Your Hobby Into a Business - Izzy from The Next Somewhere

As a teen, I was very introverted and took a liking to graphic design to build fan pages (I know, what a dork). But as I grew older and needed ways to make money quickly, I began marketing my graphic skills to brides looking for custom stationery on a budget. The work was tedious but gratifying. And the graphic design business, which was cheekily named Izzy Ink, helped me to save enough money to go on a month long trip around Europe, a ten day trip to Portugal, and several costly weekend trips to New York City. It taught me a lesson in perseverance, in appreciating the details, and in building personal relationships with my clients. Those skills have been so useful in the world of travel.

8) Become a Taxi Driver - Michelle from Mich and Gabi

Gabi has always liked the idea of being a taxi driver and his dream became a reality when he decided to start driving for Lyft and Uber. He did this strictly to save more money for traveling. It wasn’t easy – the last thing he wanted to do after working all week was to work the weekend – but he did it occasionally and usually loved it. He typically made $60 – $100 a night which, if you’re diligent about it, can really boost your travel budget. Plus, if you’re serving as a taxi driver on a Friday you can’t drink your usual craft beers. Those savings alone are worth mentioning.

9) It's the Little Things That Count - Jennifer from Moi, Mes Souliers

Before my RTW trip, I was looking for ways to save more money faster without drastically changing my living habits. I started out by skipping my morning coffee shop addiction and going only once a week on Fridays. Instead, I set up an automatic withdrawal from my account for the same daily amount that went directly into my savings account. It’s crazy how fast you can save up when you put that 5-8 $ every morning to good use!

10) Only Buy Sale Items - Vicki from Make Time to See The World

Now I know as travelers we try to restrict what we buy and not spend money on unnecessary things (at least that's my outlook anyway!) but I'm a girl who likes stuff (clothes/shoes/bags etc) and sometimes I just can't help myself. To combat this I only ever buy stuff when it is on sale and almost exclusively online - and I have a trick to take it one step further: buy your clothes off season. Like travelling off-season is cheaper - so is shopping!My favourite example of this is ASOS - which have sites and distributors in various countries - but it is all the same stock. So if you can think ahead and shop for winter in summer and summer in winter, there are epic savings to be had. Add that to a quick google search for the latest discount code and you'll be saving money before you know it!

With so many great money saving tips for travel, what is your excuse?! Time to start saving for travel and it will be here before you know it.

Now that you have heard these great money saving tips for travel from bloggers who have been there done that, what are your best tips? Comment below and let me know!

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