44 Travel Blog Post Ideas + Free Printable

We all hit a wall sometimes, where you are stuck on what to write your next post about. If you need some ideas, inspiration and a good old-fashioned kick in the butt, look no further than this comprehensive list of 44 travel blog post ideas. And don't forget to download the extra special bonus printable with an extra 20 travel blog post ideas for your content library. Print and keep for next time you feel stuck in a content-creating rut. Below I outline 44 travel blog post ideas split into various post types to keep things fresh, because let's face it, if you post listicle after listicle, I'll probably stop reading.

Travel Insights: 

  • How I Found Myself On The Road
  • Why I Love to Travel
  • Why I Started a Travel Blog
  • Why Solo Travel is the Best Kind of Travel
  • Lessons Learnt Whilst Travelling


How Tos:

  • How To Hike Macchu Pichu
  • How To Travel Overland in Africa
  • How To Island Hop in Greece
  • How To Pack a Carry On for a Month's Travel
  • How To Backpack Through Europe
  • How To Budget for Your Next Trip
  • How To Hitchhike



  • Top 10 Cities in Eastern Europe
  • 8 Travel Hacks I Wish I'd Known Years Ago
  • 5 Movies That Inspire Serious Wanderlust
  • 20 Books That Inspire Serious Wanderlust
  • 5 Youtube Videos That Inspire Serious Wanderlust
  • 20 Budget Destinations to Consider


Current Events:

  • The Olympics
  • The Brexit Vote
  • Zika Virus
  • Terrorism

Destination Specific Posts:

  • Which Hawaiian Island Should I Visit?
  • New York in 2 Weeks
  • Non-Cliche Sites to See in Paris
  • Things to Do in London
  • Roadtripping the California Coast
  • The Ultimate Guide to Iceland


Get Creative:

  • DIY Travel Globe
  • DIY Bucket List Board
  • DIY Travel Diary
  • How to Take Instagram Worthy Travel Photos
  • DIY Travel Scrapbook


  • Book Review
  • Movie Review
  • Travel Product Review
  • Travel Guide Review
  • Tour Review
  • Cruise Review
  • Hotel Review
  • Airline Review
  • Airport Review
  • Restaurant Review
  • Travel App Review


I hope you find some inspiration in the above travel blog post ideas. Don't forget to download the printable list of 44 + 20 travel blog post ideas (that's 64 ideas ready to go!). Start typing!

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