5 Travel Blogging Myths - The Reality

In my time as a travel blogger I have come across so many travel blogging myths that I find downright incorrect that paint a different picture from the truth. I wanted to share my reality if you are thinking of getting into the industry or you are just starting out.

Myth 1 - You have to travel full time to be a travel blogger

The Reality

Simply put, no, you don't have to travel full time to be a travel blogger. I don't, but I have a lot of content behind me to have at least one post every week for the next year. How do I do it? I work full time as a travel agent so this allows me many opportunities throughout the year to travel and gather content enough to fill a book. Whilst many travel bloggers do travel full time and have been for several years, this doesn't always have to be the case. I know many travel bloggers, and successful ones at that, that have full time jobs and enjoy blogging as a side hustle. Nowadays, there are so many career paths out there that allow travel as part of the job, but also the flexibility outside of work to travel.

Myth 2 - Making money with a travel blog is easy

The Reality

This is certainly not true. To make an income from travel blogging and even a full time income takes a great amount of investment, both of your time and money. Ever heard that old adage, you need to spend money to make money? Well that couldn't be closer to the truth. I find I have spent a considerable amount here and there on new products, themes, plugins etc. to enhance my travel blog both visually and practically. And time, don't get me started on time because I, and every other successful travel blogger out there, knows the struggles of not having enough time to do everything. It takes countless hours to build, maintain and monetise your blog so one of the biggest travel blogging myths is that making money is easy.

Myth 3 - The travel blogging market is over-saturated, it's too late to make a difference

The Reality

Comparison is the thief of joy my friend! Yes, there are many great travel blogs out there but the same could be said for fashion blogs or mummy blogs. The internet is a huge expanse with an infinite universe of websites. Just because the market is over-saturated does not mean you can't stand out and make a difference in your readers lives. How can you stand out? The answer to that is to nichify. Nichify, is that a word?! It is now. To stand out in the travel blogging realm, you need to have a specific niche and a unique voice. I know it is cliche, but be yourself! What can your readers gain from your blog that they can't from just another travel blog? Think about it!

Myth 4 - All you need to be a great travel blogger is be good at writing

The Reality

Oh man, if you think all you need to be a successful travel blogger is be good at writing, you are in for a rude shock. But don't worry, I used to think this way too before I dove into the deep end of travel blogging. These days, to be successful you need to be a writer, a photographer, a marketer, a social media strategist, a designer and a content planner to name just a few. Having a blog is not just about producing content. I mean, what is the point of writing if no one reads it. You need to sell yourself and sell your work in order to get noticed and get traction in the travel blogging world.

Myth 5 - You need a professional camera

The Reality

I personally am not a pro photographer and I know a lot of travel bloggers do have professional equipment and cameras that produce amazing photographs, but all I'm saying is that you don't need it. You can learn some tricks online just by googling 'How to Take Better iPhone Photos'. All you need is your iPhone or a small digital camera and you can start taking amazing shots all over the world. Actually, this reality also applies to all products and services you think you need for your blog. Whilst sometimes it is worth the investment, you don't need to spend a million dollars on your blog to be successful.

What do you think? Did these come as a surprise to you? What are some other myths you have come across along your blogging journey?

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Sally Cochrane

Sally is a Brisvegas (Brisbane, Australia) born travel blogger and founder of Travel Blog Squad, an online community for travel bloggers. Among many other experiences, she has skied down the Austrian Alps on Christmas day, gone for a ride in an army tank through the mud in Slovakia, woken up before dawn to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat and attended university in Mexico. Hola! Her non-travel-related interests include tea (of any and every kind), TED Talks and running at her local Parkrun.