My Flash Mob Experience in New York City

Flash Mob (noun) "A large public gathering at which people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse, typically organized by means of the Internet or social media."

Back in 2012, flash mobs were something that you saw on TV shows or on YouTube as romantic proposals. When we were preparing for our trip to New York, my mum mentioned that she would love to do a flash mob. I did some research and came across Flash Mob America, a site where you can register for flash mob events all over the US. Their motto is to "create joy through surprise".

So we put our names down for a flash mob that happened to be during our 2 week stay in New York City. The event was for Social Media Day and was sponsored by Urthecast. Over 300 people showed up for 2 days of strict rehearsals at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, shirts were organised and the top secret location was kept hush-hush until the last minute, even from us performers. The element of surprise was key!

What I loved about this event was that complete strangers from all over the world, who, might I add, were not dance professionals, came together in the name of spontaneity to produce something special. These people did not have self-interested motives, their only goal was to share joy with their audience and have a good time. If you want to do something spontaneous and fun, I encourage you all to give it a go. It doesn't even have to be across the other side of the world, it can be in your home town!

This bucket list experience is something I will cherish for years to come, especially seeing the video is still on YouTube here. And yes, that is me in the front row at 1:05, probably the worst dancer out of everyone!

If you are looking to tick off some bucket list items in New York, do what I did and get a New York Pass. With over 90 attractions, you will never run out of things to do, and how could you in the city that never sleeps! They even give you fast track access to some of the busiest attractions in the city so you can spend more time practicing your flash mob moves.


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Sally Cochrane

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