5 Reasons You Must Be On Pinterest As A Travel Blogger

Pinterest is hands down my favourite social media platform for a lot of reasons. Maybe it's the concept that it's like an online vision board or the fact that there are just so many pretty pictures on there. Apart from the good feeling I get when I get my pin on, there are so many tangible benefits to being on Pinterest as a travel blogger. I want to share with you the 5 reasons you must be on Pinterest as a travel blogger and if you're not, why you should start today!

1) It Drives Traffic

Pinterest can be a huge source of referral traffic for your travel blog. As you'll see below, Pinterest has attributed to over 60% of my traffic for this month so far. The power of Pinterest is in the numbers! A big part of this is that each pin or image you can directly link to either your blog post or opt-in. If people are interested in what they see visually they will more than likely click through to find out more, read your blog post surrounding that topic or opt-in for your super awesome freebie. This social traffic will establish inbound links and in turn, improve your travel blog's SEO. It's win win!


2) Travel is Huge on This Platform

One of the biggest reasons you must be on Pinterest as a travel blogger, is that travel as a category is huge on this social platform! It is known to be the second most popular category on Pinterest and it's easy to see why. With so many beautiful travel photos, travel quotes and travel posts, this category is highly aspirational. Just as people aspire to have beautiful homes, create beautiful meals or organise a beautiful wedding, people aspire to travel the world and Pinterest allows them to be inspired through visual pins.

3) Browsers are More Likely to be Buyers

If you have a digital product or maybe you are an affiliate for some travel products, Pinterest is a great platform in which the people who use it are quite likely to buy when they click through. According to research, in 2015, 87% of Pinterest users purchased a product because of Pinterest and 93% of pinners have used Pinterest as a tool to plan their future purchases. Those numbers are huge and if you are looking to monetize your travel blog anytime soon, this is the platform I would be jumping on. Being on Pinterest as a travel blogger is not a suggestion, it's a must!

4) You Never Know When a Pin Might Go Viral

One thing that you sort of forget about when using Pinterest is that anything you pin will forever remain on the platform as evergreen content. The great thing about this is that your pin may not go viral immediately but someday you might go in and have a look and BAM! it's got thousands upon thousands of repins and your site traffic has gotten a huge boost from referrals. I have had this happen with a blog post I posted months ago and all of a sudden it has taken off and the repins have skyrocketed for no absolute reason. With Pinterest, your old pins do not get lost like old posts on your blog. Instead, they sit there, lying in wait until they gain traction.

5) Your Ideal Reader is Female

Whilst there is a current shift underway in terms of Pinterest demographics, in 2015, females accounted for 81% of Pinterest users. If your ideal reader is a female or your niche is female solo travel for example, then you must get on Pinterest as a travel blogger, it's non-negotiable. When choosing the right social media platforms for your travel blog, the most important thing is to choose a platform where your ideal reader hangs out. Think about! You don't want to post, or pin in this instance, to an empty theatre. If your ideal reader is female and a traveller then Pinterest will be hugely powerful for your travel blog.

If you are looking to harness the power of Pinterest for your travel blog traffic, stay tuned! I am releasing a course called Passport to Pinterest in March so pre-register now to get it at the earlybird price and bonuses as soon as it is released.


Have you discovered the power of Pinterest for your travel blog yet? Comment below and don't forget to follow me on Pinterest! I'll repin I promise!

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Sally Cochrane

Sally is a Brisvegas (Brisbane, Australia) born travel blogger and founder of Travel Blog Squad, an online community for travel bloggers. Among many other experiences, she has skied down the Austrian Alps on Christmas day, gone for a ride in an army tank through the mud in Slovakia, woken up before dawn to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat and attended university in Mexico. Hola! Her non-travel-related interests include tea (of any and every kind), TED Talks and running at her local Parkrun.