September Travel Blogger of the Month - Sarah

Name: Sarah

Blog: Blonde Moments

How many countries around the world have you travelled to?

Okay lets see: Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, the USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Australia so 22! But in the next 12 months I will add another 7 to the list: Vietnam, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

What was your first overseas trip?

That was Tennessee, United States back in 2011 where I actually stayed for a whole year since I was an exchange student.

What is your favourite destination in the world and why?

This is hard to tell because every place, every piece of the earth has its own charm which makes it difficult to compare. In general I like places that have great nature but also places where I know people that i have met a long my way. So it is hard to just name one...I would say Canada even though i only spent a few days there but I have been dreaming about that country for as long as i can remember and I would like to live there as well one day.

September Travel Blogger of the Month - Sarah

What inspired you to start a travel blog?

I was and still am really fascinated by the earth and the human beings that live on the planet, that is why I travel so much. And I just recently discovered my passion for photography and writing. that is why I decided to start to publish it on the World Wide Web. That was in June 2016 when I really started my blog. I also do have many friends who don’t travel much because of different reasons and it makes me really happy to show them what else is out there.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of travel blogging?

There is nothing that wasn’t rewarding. learning so many new things and getting to know so many people who love the same things as I do is just so incredible.

Name three things on your bucket list:

  1. Discover Mongolia
  2. Roadtrip Canada
  3. Climb a mountain or volcano
September Travel Blogger of the Month - Sarah

Where are you off to on your next trip?

Besides a few weekend trips - Munich, Paris, Cannes, London - my next longer flight will go to Vietnam and next year I plan on going to Iceland and do a roadtrip through Scandinavia. I am so excited about that.

Apart from travel, name three other interests or hobbies that not many people may know about you:

  1. Music is my second love.
  2. Watching TV series – yes i am an addict when it comes to that one!
  3. Natural phenomena – I am really fascinated by earthquakes, thunder, hurricanes, volcanoes etc.

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September Travel Blogger of the Month - Sarah from Blonde Moments. Click here to read her incredible story of travel!

Sally Cochrane

Sally is a Brisvegas (Brisbane, Australia) born travel blogger and founder of Travel Blog Squad, an online community for travel bloggers. Among many other experiences, she has skied down the Austrian Alps on Christmas day, gone for a ride in an army tank through the mud in Slovakia, woken up before dawn to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat and attended university in Mexico. Hola! Her non-travel-related interests include tea (of any and every kind), TED Talks and running at her local Parkrun.